Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Planting out the Misc bed

At last, I'm starting to populate the Miscellaneous bed, the only bed with any empty space left.  As I changed the boundaries of the veg beds from last year, going from four defined beds to three (and a small Holding bed), this bed was Roots last year, but part of it was also Misc with a tiny bit of Brassicas.  I want to make sure I practice crop rotation, and Misc two years in a row isn't great, but I'm working around it.

This bed got a thick layer of used chicken bedding (manure and straw) over winter.  It still has a small patch of last year's celery I'm trying to save seed from, the purple sprouting broccoli and two kale plants;  but for the most part is still pretty bare.  This past week I've put in my nine new achocha seedlings (a new to me cucumber relative), a couple red leaf lettuces, and some Aztec broccoli seeds (can't remember the actual name, but it's not a true broccoli). 

As the purple sprouting broccoli has now finished, I'm cutting it down gradually to give to the chickens--as I don't want to overwhelm them with all of it at once.  I'll plant out my sweetcorn seedlings in their place, and carry on with the tomatillos, squashes, and zuccini.  Soon there won't be any room here either--actually, when I look at it, I don't know how I'm going to fit in everything!  Squashes might have to go in the Perennials section again this year.

Sorry- still no photos!  I'm too busy (i.e. lazy) to take any. 

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