Wednesday, March 29, 2017

An unexpected flower...

Photo of two hyacinths flowering in a garden
Hyacinths, Mar 2017

Photo close up of a plum blossom with a house in the background
Plum blossom, Mar 2017

Photo of a clump of many daffodils
Daffodils, Mar 2017
My garden is full of spring flowers right now, from daffodils, primulas and hyacinths, to blossoming fruit and nut trees.  But there's one kind of flower I was not expecting:  strawberries!
Photo of an alpine strawberry plant in flower
Strawberry flowers(?!), Mar 2017
I grew these little strawberries from seed last spring and they obligingly gave a little harvest all summer long (about one berry per plant per week).  The variety is Baron Solemacher;  as an alpine strawberry, the fruits are pretty small.  However, I was not expecting them to flower in March--our usual strawberry season is July, with flowers in June.  Does this mean we'll get some April strawberries?  Watch this space.

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