Thursday, June 9, 2016

A change in the weather?

Runner beans, with dodgy DIY support
Though I suspect it may now be over, we've just had a week of sun and heat.  In fact, it's been so dry and hot, I was a little relieved that it finally rained tonight!  We've gone about two weeks without rain, and while most of my plants are established enough to withstand it, a few of the newer transplants needed watering including the pumpkins--and the broccoli currently in the holding bed.  Most of the last week has been 20C+ during the day.  I think it probably got to around 25C at its hottest.

I think my remaining four zuccini plants have gotten enough of a hold to survive the slugs now.  Hopefully.  Some of the things I've recently transplanted are really taking off, including the broccoli, and a squash and tomato in planters. Some are still finding their feet however, such as the lettuce and cucumbers.  There have been casualties. 

I've spent the week watering my planters and getting my vitamin D.  I hope this is an end to that silly 12C nonsense of last week.

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