Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Cookie's family

As the chicks we introduced to Cookie for adoption were nearly a week old, I was more worried about them not accepting her than the other way around--and I was a little concerned about the integration of them and her own younger hatched chick.  However, all is well in the chick nursery, as Cookie and chicks seem happy with each other, and everyone is getting along just fine.

Strangely, all the chicks have the same coloring, although I'm sure her own hatched chick was meant to be yellow (and grow up to be light brown).  They're all black with white underbellies, though the hatched chick is noticeably younger/smaller than the four introduced chicks.  It's only younger by less than a week so it'll catch up in no time.  I watched Cookie showing it how to drink, and it's been tussling with the others in the food dish, so no worries there.

It's very cute to see the chicks snuggling up to their adopted mama, under her wing or on her back.  It's also adorable the way Cookie hovers over them and clucks gently to them.

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