Saturday, March 11, 2017

Forcing rhubarb

Photo of an upturned bucket surrounded by a few broken bricks and one on top
Fancy rhubarb forcing equipment
I forced my (meager) rhubarb for the first time last year.  It was successful enough to warrant another go this year. 

I have two rhubarb plants, but as one was divided from the first, neither are very big!  I'm forcing the original crown and leaving the division to grow on a bit more.  I probably won't harvest from the little one at all this year, but let it grow a bit bigger and force it next year.

The parent plant is under a black plastic bucket, weighed down by broken concrete and pieces of brick to keep it from blowing away.  It's certainly doing its job:  the stems underneath are about four times as big as the younger plant's--and a much more vivid pinky red color.  There aren't enough of them to really do anything with except eat fresh.  Which I have done, and thoroughly enjoyed;  they are a bit sour but not overwhelmingly so, very tender with no strings, and with just a touch of savory/bitter like celery.  Most enjoyable.  Don't eat the leaves!
Photo of young forced rhubarb with bucket in background
Pretty pink rhubarb

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