Saturday, January 14, 2017

Christmas dinner from the garden? A little!

Well, this Christmas, as usual, we spent quietly at home:  just the three of us.  One of us had been in surgery less than a week before, and another was suffering from a nasty virus, but the littlest one was bright and chipper!  We had pretty simple fare for the day, and luckily managed to harvest a little from the garden.

For breakfast we had eggs Benedict, our family tradition;  we love it so much we really ought to make it more often.  We used eggs from our hens to make it. 

For our lunch we had turkey with roasted potatoes and vegetables, and from the garden I picked the entire season's harvest of Brussels sprouts:  a grand total of one whole ounce.  I don't care for store bought sprouts, but garden fresh ones are nice enough (mild cabbage flavor).  If you recall, I didn't have time to grow new season sprouts, so these ones were off two year old plants.  Luckily I have my own collected seed and will sow them for next winter/Christmas, and dig up the old ones.
A couple cabbages, waiting for harvest

I could have picked kale or cabbage from the garden;  I also still have a whole pumpkin, and some salted runner beans--but feeling so badly under the weather, I opted for just some quick sprouts (the six year old helped gather them);  the rest of the veg came from the shop.

Lastly, for dessert we had Christmas pudding which I made back in November, again using our own hens' eggs.  I usually make it about a month earlier and let it age in the fridge (traditionally aged in a dark cupboard, but I'm too nervous to risk it).

In the future, I hope to have a few more garden vegetables, including potatoes, for our main meal.  And though it probably won't be next Christmas, I'd also like to raise our own bird--whether chicken, duck, or turkey (or all three!?).  This would pretty much encompass our whole meal;  what an excellent goal.

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