Wednesday, January 18, 2017

2016 Goals revisited

close up photo of gorse flowers
Gorse:  nice to see flowers in January
It's been more than six months since I made The Plan, so how are things progressing?

1 Year Goals (by 31 May 2017)

  • Make 20 bottles of homebrew (cider, elderberry wine, blackberry wine, etc)
  • Produce 10 jars of preserves (pickles, jams, etc)
  • Track all garden harvest by weight/amount
  • Track egg production and chicken feed
  • Make a food dehydrator
  • Build an outdoor rocket stove
I'm up to 16 bottles of homebrew, and with 16L of various wines/ciders still in demijohns, I think I'll easily hit this target by June.  A food dehydrator and a rocket stove aren't yet started;  I did some experimenting with dehydrating-- disappointing results sent me back to the drawing board.
5 Year Goals (by 31 May 2021)
  • Fully self-reliant in vegetables, eggs and seasonal fruit
  • Raising meat
  • Greenhouse built
We did raise meat this year (we were hoping to raise just hens but got some roosters too).  We were fully self reliant in vegetables from July to November, but not in eggs or seasonal fruit.  We're nowhere near building a greenhouse, either:  we've had other priorities!

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