Saturday, November 19, 2016

Tally of saved seed, 2016

I like to save my own seed when I can! 

This year I've saved tomato, chard, squash, Brussels sprouts, peas, runner beans, broad beans, pumpkin, melon, nicotiana, lobelia, marigold, calendula, and snapdragon. 

Most of the seeds I collect I just pop into envelopes or little folded bits of paper.  They're ready to go from there.

A few need slightly more treatment.  Tomatoes, for instance, are supposed to be fermented for a few days before dried out and stored.  I scoop out the seeds into a small bowl, cover with water, and let sit until a tiny bit of mold forms on the surface (about four days for me).  Then I rinse and let dry on a piece of paper, and store as usual.  I actually did a little experiment this year and saved a few dozen seeds without fermenting first.  I'll see how they germinate next spring.

I also saved seeds from some grocery produce, namely melons and squash.  I've still got my own squash, the seeds of which I'll be trying to grow, but we had a really tasty little grapefruit sized orange squash from the store--I saved its seeds, plus the seeds of a couple yummy melons.  My pumpkin plants this year came from last year's bought pumpkin (we picked it at a local farm).

I have a lot of good seeds saved for next year, and I look forward to starting them off.  I think I may still buy a couple:  onions, tomatillos, and maybe a few more, but hopefully in the future I'll be saving most if not all my own seed. 

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