Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The last little bit of summer

Since I have been gardening here in England, there have been a few summers which were a complete washout.  In 2012 it rained pretty much every day.  Though to be fair, a few of my vegetables were pretty good that year, notably the onions.  But a lot of things just wasted away from lack of meaningful light and excess water.

This summer has not been so.  There has been rain, there have been cooler days, but mostly it has been sunny and warm.  A good year for growing many things--though perhaps not onions! 

Now at autumn equinox, I'm very satisfied with how my garden has grown this summer.  The weather was in my favor to be sure, but I didn't have too many failures, and was able to enjoy plenty of quality garden relaxation time all summer, hangin' out with the vegetables.

I've also carried on with my pledge not to buy vegetables--so far, so good.  I have, however, procured a few through other means:  a few friends and relations have given me some of their excess produce such as zuccini, runner beans, rhubarb and more.  Some of this, along with my own veg, is preserved for winter use.  My little pantry cupboard has lots of pretty jars of various vegetables, mostly pickled, some dried, and a couple chutney-ed.  What a good way to remember the success of summer, by eating it all winter.  Er, I hope it is edible...

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