Saturday, August 20, 2016

The slow pace of gardening

Will these raspberries ever ripen?  (they did eventually)
I want it now!

The main allure of gardening for me is the promise of fresh, tasty food.  Carrots pulled up and eaten raw, pie made from my own pumpkin:  whatever it is, it tastes better when I grow it myself.  It seems to take so long though.

I'm glad I sowed the chard and kale this spring, but it's been hard waiting for the next vegetables to ripen (zuccini and runner beans).  An outbreak of slugs and a freak rabbit attack took out more lettuces than I was prepared to lose, and waiting for the next batch to grow up is agony--we need salad!  Those onions are very nearly ready, and at this point, I just want to get them up.

It's like this all over the garden.  I'm waiting.  Waiting some more.  Doing a bit of sowing and transplanting, and then another bit of waiting.

Some days I go out and just sit next to my vegetables.  I have a chair on the patio (near the containers and onions), or I can sit on a railway sleeper (next to the kale and cabbage).  I admire my big tomato plant in a pot, growing plenty of little green fruits.  I inspect the cabbages for caterpillars.  I hang out with the chickens, or wander over and watch the goldfish.  I enjoy the sunshine:  it's nice.

So while I wait, I'll work on my suntan, and maybe catch up on some knitting.  I might even have a nap.  Not much to do except relax, until those vegetables are ready.

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