Saturday, July 8, 2017

Drowning in blackcurrants

Photo of a branch with ripening blackcurrants
Blackcurrants, June 2017 (does not accurately indicate the extent of the flood!)
I can't believe the blackcurrant harvest this year!  I don't have the exact date of planting for these two bushes, but I would guess about five years ago.  I bought them from a church jumble sale for £5 (I think--it was a while ago);  they were just rooted cuttings, about 12 inches tall.  They grew and grew for those five years, and I think it was two years ago we finally got our first tiny harvest.  Last year was a bit better, but no more than a few ounces total. 

This year so far it's been more than a pound of blackcurrants.  Bear in mind the size of these berries--about the same as blueberries--and I think you'll agree this is a LOT for two bushes to produce in one year:  and harvest isn't over yet. 

We've been picking them every few days for the past week, and making them into berry and banana smoothies, along with a few alpine strawberries, and raspberries and redcurrants (these two now finished).  A bit tart, but very refreshing and tasty.  There have definitely been enough for jam making, if we had been so inclined!  But a smoothie is fresh and healthy, and we're looking forward to a few more next week.

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