Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The promise of fruit to come

Photo of blackcurrant blossom
Blackcurrants in flower
All of a sudden, everything's growing, especially my fruit.  It looks like a good year for nearly all of them.
Photo of immature redcurrants on the branch
Redcurrants forming
 None of my fruit trees or shrubs are very old.  The oldest is the morello cherry (planted just over five years ago), followed by the blackcurrants.
Photo of immature almonds on the branch
Tiny almonds
 It looks like the only non-player this year is the Williams pear, again.  I picked the immature fruits off the Asian pear (its pollinating partner) to encourage growth, but none of the fruit on Williams seems to have actually been pollinated.  Sigh...
Photo of several immature figs on a small branch
Baby figs
 Since the morello cherry was moved over winter, I won't be surprised if it drops its fruit before ripening, but at the moment it's covered in cute little green cherries.  We only recently finished off the last of its frozen cherries from 2016:  yum.  They make an amazing cherry pie and crumble, so much nicer than from a can.
Photo of immature cherries on a branch next to a wooden fence
Green morello cherries
The strawberries are forming little fruits too, after beginning to flower in March (?!) but none have ripened yet.  I keep trying to increase our strawberry plants, and every time I do, the chickens break out and scratch them up.  At the moment I've got about five maincrop plants and five alpine/everbearing plants.  Not enough!

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