Saturday, May 20, 2017

Cookie did it!

As mentioned in a previous post, we set some fertilized eggs under our little broody bantam Cookie last month.  One has hatched!  I wasn't confident about their chances after a nest mishap about halfway in:  Cookie got up to stretch her legs outside of the house, and came back to sit on the wrong nest (on the day's newly laid eggs instead of her own).  When I noticed the mistake I felt her eggs--they felt a bit too cool, and I doubted their chances of hatching. 

In fact, their due date was last Tuesday, four days ago, and by Thursday morning I was calling around asking for day old chicks (to try and sneak under her at night instead, hoping she'd take them for her own hatched chicks).  That afternoon, the husband came in from changing her water, "There's a chick!"

We still got the day old chicks yesterday (actually five days old) and the husband tucked them in under Cookie under cover of darkness last night, with no fuss.  He said they cheeped at him agitatedly but shut up as soon as they were tucked in.  Here's hoping both parties (chicks and Cookie) accept the adoption smoothly.

(No photos just yet, as I don't want to stress out poor Cookie who's new to this motherhood business!)

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