Saturday, May 27, 2017

An unexpected heatwave

Though last May wasn't particularly warm or sunny, this one has been much more so.  My tomatillo seedlings in the kitchen window have been wilting from the heat--I had to move them onto the counter in the shade.  However, in our variable climate here in Britain, I don't take anything for granted and am not quite tempted to plant out those tenderest vegetables just yet.

I usually plant out tomatoes, zuccinis, squash, etc, around the first week of June, but this year I may wait until the second or third week, depending.  The ones that went out in early June last year just got eaten by slugs;  the temperatures weren't warm enough for them to grow.  Rather than risk that happening again this year, I'll wait just that little bit longer--if they aren't going to grow anyway, no point in exposing them to the slugs just yet.

Thankfully there hasn't been much slug activity this week in the heat!  The forecast is set to change in the next few days though, and no doubt they'll be back in force.

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