Wednesday, May 31, 2017

2016-2017 One Year Goals Reviewed

It's the time of reckoning.  How did I do on my goals, due to finish by 31 May 2017 (today)?

1 Year Goals (by 31 May 2017)

  • Make 20 bottles of homebrew (cider, elderberry wine, blackberry wine, etc)
  • Produce 10 jars of preserves (pickles, jams, etc)
  • Track all garden harvest by weight/amount
  • Track egg production and chicken feed
  • Make a food dehydrator
  • Build an outdoor rocket stove
5 Year Goals (by 31 May 2021)
  • Fully self-reliant in vegetables, eggs and seasonal fruit
  • Raising meat
  • Greenhouse built
As you can see, not everything was accomplished.  I updated The Plan early this spring, with some similar goals and a few new ones.  Hopefully I'll get that outdoor rocket and dehydrator by the end of 2017.
Photo of a Pekin bantam hen and four black and white chicks on grass
At last, a photo of Cookie and her chicks!

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