Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Trying artichokes again

Photo of two seed trays and potted artichoke and aloe, in a kitchen window
Seedling trays and artichokes on my kitchen windowsill
Since the chickens scratched up my artichokes from seed last year, I thought I'd try again, this time with some bought crowns.  I bought three small crowns from the local garden center, for about the same price as a packet of seeds. 

I thought I'd pot up the crowns first to get their roots going a bit, before transplanting out in March.  They're growing a few leaves on my kitchen windowsill now, next to a tray of lettuce and onions (finally popping up).

To protect them from chickens, I may construct a special chicken wire cage for their first year.  Last year's had stick and string cages which obviously weren't chickenproof!  My other concern is slugs, as the young growth of most of my plants seems to act as a slug magnet.  If I can get a good growth on them now, hopefully they can withstand some slug damage.

I've seen artichokes growing in other people's gardens nearby, so I know it can be done.  I hope it can be done by me!  I'll be planting them out in the far corner of the garden, near the goldfish pond and soft fruit;  there are both ornamentals and perennials, and I hope I can keep the artichokes alive and growing here.

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