Saturday, February 18, 2017

The Plan, updated for 2017

View from back door, Feb 2017
For my own personal records, I wrote down The Plan, 3rd Edition last month.  I keep it and all my garden notes and thoughts in a folder in my bedroom.  Sometimes I have a lot to write down, and then again it might be months before I add something new.  I've been keeping this folder of garden notes for several years, though I think the first time I started writing dates on them was in 2013.

The Plan at the beginning of this blog was actually written in my garden folder in January 2015, and was the Revised Edition.  I have an earlier one from 2013.  The 3rd Edition is similar to both of these, but with some new One Year goals (Five Year goals are pretty much the same):
  • Make/buy/obtain food dehydrator
  • Build an outdoor rocket stove
  • Reduce chicken fee to 20 kg (1 bag) per month
  • Erect a fence/wall in front garden and deep mulch front beds
  • Extend self sufficiency in vegetables by 1 month (5 months total)

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