Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Planning ahead for spring 2017

Photo of young clumping leek growth
Leek regrowth from plant sown spring 2015
Well, as detailed in my previous post, 2016's grand total of vegetables was 86 lb (77.5 lb from May to Dec, from the start of this blog and project).  2017's goal is to beat this total.  And in addition to that, I want to extend self sufficiency in vegetables by at least one month;  last year we bought no veg for four months, so I want to extend that to at least five months.  Here's what I'm planning for the coming spring. 

It's time for some quick growing salad vegetables, such as lettuce and spring onions.  I've got some sprouting in a tray in my kitchen window.  I'll plant them out in the cold frame next month, hopefully.  Also in February I'll be sowing the remainder of my broad beans, some parsnips, and possibly some early peas.

I have cabbage, kale, leeks, and lamb's and miners lettuces all still standing, ready for harvest;  we've had a few salads and some kale already, but I'm letting the leeks grow a bit more (new growth off of old plants).  The overwintered broad beans are small but growing slowly, and the sprouting broccoli looks good, ready to start sprouting later in spring. 

My two rhubarb crowns are showing signs of life;  I forced them into early growth for the first time last year--I'll do the same this year on one crown.  The sorrel hasn't shown signs of life yet, but was one of the earliest crops we had last year, so I look forward to it too.

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