Saturday, January 7, 2017

December 2016 garden recap


Rutabagas, celeriac and remaining beets still too small, and most likely only to go to seed now; time to pull them out.   The 2017 garlic and shallots are growing strongly. 

Peas and beans

The 2017 broad beans are about 2-4 inches tall and have not minded the several sharp frosts we had this month.


Of all the standing brassicas--kale, broccoli, cabbage and Brussels sprouts--only the sprouts got harvested: a whole 1 oz for Christmas dinner.  These were harvested off last year's (2015) plants.  Still a handful of baby sprouts on the stems, but probably not going to get much bigger.


No activity in Misc this month.  I let the chickens onto 2017's Misc bed (last year's Peas and Beans) to clean it up and fertilize.


The morello cherry tree was moved from the center of its bed to the back;  some random raspberry canes moved from the veg bed back to the soft fruit patch.  All fruit trees/bushes gone dormant.

Perennials and herbs

No activity in the perennials.  Harvested some rosemary and thyme this month, but all other herbs dormant.

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