Wednesday, December 7, 2016

November garden recap

Fig tree, before the snow

I don't know if the rutabagas, celeriac or remaining beets are worth eating.  Still too small, and not much chance of growing bigger now.   The 2017 garlic is growing strongly, and some of the shallots have sprouted. 

Peas and beans

I managed to clear away most of the runner beans at last, and put several pods to dry for seed on a tray on top of the fridge.   The 2017 broad beans seem to have sprouted nicely in their new patch of ground.


I restaked a few of the sprouting broccoli which had falled over.  I still have kale, cabbage, and a few Brussels sprouts standing, but I didn't harvest any in November.


As the chickens broke out and ate pretty much all the chard, there's not really anything left in the Misc. plot.  Now that the runner beans are cleared away, that space will be 2017's Misc. bed.


I moved the potted peach tree off the patio and into the garden, to expose it to a full winter chill, in the hopes it will flower in spring.  Not decided as to whether I'll actually plant it out or leave it in the pot.  All the fruit trees and bushes have shed their leaves now.  The few strawberry runners I replanted were scratched up by marauding chickens, but luckily I still have the parent plants.

Perennials and herbs

All perennials gone dormant/died (hard to tell really).  Mint and tarragon also gone dormant but chives, rosemary, thyme still leafy.

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