Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Growing for Thanksgiving

Our family likes to celebrate our American heritage on Thanksgiving every year, despite the fact we live in England.  We get together with another local family every year and have a feast:  there will be four or five adults and three children.  This year I'm proud to be able to supply some of the meal from my garden.


I have enough salted runner beans and fresh cabbage which I will be proud to serve.  The husband may be in charge of cooking vegetables, and he might decide to just steam them;  however, his specialty is to stir fry them with onion which sounds good--I might suggest garlic too.  Sadly I have no homegrown onion or garlic left.


Both I and my friend have agreed to bring a pie to our feast and my contribution will be pumpkin.  I also have the option of cherry (still a good sized bag in the freezer), but I think I'll save that for the husband's birthday in January.  I'm so happy I was able to grow two lovely little pumpkins, one of which will be our Thanksgiving pie.  I'll use our own hens' eggs in it too.
Two pumpkins above, squash below;  all harvested now
Other contributions

I was asked to bring a bottle of homebrew and we may take our last bottle of cider, or we may bottle up the rhubarb wine;  it's still a bit rough, but pretty tasty.

In the future

I would very much like to raise our own Thanksgiving bird in the future, whether turkey, duck, or chicken.  Our cockerel Lavender, which we ate at the beginning of the month, was not big enough for a Thanksgiving meal--well, maybe for just one person!  I would have to buy a meat breed specifically, not just any old chicken;  Lavender's breed (Cream Legbar) was a small one bred for egg laying.  I would be happy to raise a nice meaty bird one day--or most likely two:  one for Christmas, also.

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