Saturday, November 26, 2016

Back indoors (till March, I think!)

Banana squash, hanging out on the kitchen table
I have to admit it, I haven't done anything in the garden this month.  I barely even managed to rescue my lone squash from the snow.  It's been cold and rainy--I've been inside staying warm;  I've even sent the six year old out to feed/water chickens and collect eggs (dropped down to 4-5 per day now, from 12 adult hens).  Luckily he likes having responsibilities, and doesn't mind the cold so much.

I haven't cleared away the frost-bitten runner bean vines or nasturtiums.  I haven't moved perennials to their new locations. I've been indoors:  reading, knitting, cooking, quilting--doing anything except brave the weather.  Maybe I should get the six year old to do it?

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