Monday, May 30, 2016

The Plan


The Garden will provide food for the household, year round, plus surplus (for storage, gifts, sales, etc).  It will produce most or all vegetables, all eggs, some meat.  It will produce seasonal fruit, habitat for wildlife, and some feed for on-site animals.   It will provide beauty, tranquility, and relaxation.  It will provide firewood for barbecues, herbs for both cooking and remedies, and some craft material (flowers for arrangements, willow for weaving, etc).

1 Year Goals (by 31 May 2017)

  • Make 20 bottles of homebrew (cider, elderberry wine, blackberry wine, etc)
  • Produce 10 jars of preserves (pickles, jams, etc)
  • Track all garden harvest by weight/amount
  • Track egg production and chicken feed
  • Make a food dehydrator
  • Build an outdoor rocket stove
5 Year Goals (by 31 May 2021)

  • Fully self-reliant in vegetables, eggs and seasonal fruit
  • Raising meat
  • Greenhouse built
And some photos of the garden today, to give an idea of what I'm starting out with.  

Sutherland kale

Rainbow chard

Main veg garden, seen from upstairs bedroom

Apples forming on Sparta tree

Peas on a wigwam (one of three)